Brutal Invasion Review

Watching any girl take a huge cock on is a sweet treat, but seeing seemingly innocent teens take on their very first is just that much more satisfying. These girls are novices but they are ready to deep throat these dicks before their pussies are devastated by the brutal power of these massive cocks. Get ready for a Brutal Invasion.

At first glance one might not understand what the fuck a brutal invasion is, but once you scroll through the home page the picture becomes deliciously clear; hot, horny, slutty girls taking on the biggest, badest cock on the net in ALL of their fuck holes. From getting slammed upside down in their mouths to going rough anal and taking these bad boys straight into their money makers. These girls are ready to get their shit handed to them on a silver platter.

The girls always take faces full of cum and smear their mascara so you can see the true carnage left behind by these massive cocks. The only downside? The site has a whole lot of white going on. Not all guys want to see white teenage girls get annihilated. Sure, it’s fun, but sometimes you want to throw some variety in there. I’m sure young girls of all races would love to be mowed over by these devastatingly massive cocks in their own Brutal Invasion videos!

Once you figure out what the site is about it is really easy to enjoy all of the content it has to offer, assuming you are into this sort of things. Soft core and love makers need not apply. Despite some clear bias the site delivers on its word and is bound to show you a devilishly, downright brutal good time.